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If you've seen my alias written as -EON-, it's still me. Due to changes in formatting I've had to shed my beloved hyphens.

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EON's News

Posted by EON - August 12th, 2008

Ok, so Epsilon was insanely popular and did far better than any of us were expecting. I was amazed it stayed in the top 50 for as long as it did, I really wasn't expecting such an appreciative reception. And to think I was planning on giving up half way through the game because I thought it was crap...

But anyway, now that's finally out the way we've started on another little project. That's right, for all you Chaos Faction fans endlessly pestering for a sequel, Chaos Faction 2 is now on the way! The original release date was for the end of September, but due to unforeseen factors (namely remembering that flash games do actually take a while to make) that date is now looking more like Christmas time. But the wait will be worth it. We've got the likes of Michael Swain working on some level designs and graphics, Geier Arnold on the music (he also did the music for Epsilon), and we'll hopefully be getting in some other artists to help out with other aspects.

That's all I'll say for now, but you can read up more on what's planned for the game here, and have your say on what you think should be included.

Posted by EON - May 12th, 2008

Ok, for those of you shouting at me about the mysterious lag that has appeared on Chaos Faction, it is now fixed.

I have no idea why but for some reason it was to do with the first frame on the main menu, I cleared it and it all started working fine. This kinda sucks as none of the versions on all the thousands of other sites hosting the game will work unless they update it, so I guess everyone will have to come HERE or go to Armor Games to play it from now. Tom and Dan had nothing to do with that. Honest..

Also, for those of you who don't already know, we will indeed be start work on Chaos Faction 2 shortly. I will say no more, other than leave your suggestions and comments about it here.

Chaos Faction fixed

Posted by EON - September 11th, 2007

It's so nice when hard work pays off. Admittedly it only took a couple of weeks to make, but it's inovativeness that counts. Check out all the entries for August here.
And on the same day, I level up to 14! Hooray for hammers!

NGiaB originally went down because it was accessing a script on our server, which our server couldn't handle, so we had to take it down. However, I've been talking with liljim and he has adjusted the RSSs on Newgrounds so that NGiaB can access them directly, without having to use the script on our server.
This means it's now running a lot faster, and more importantly, not killing us.

If you downloaded it to use on your desktop, you can download the latest version here.

NG in a Box is back up, and won best game for August 07!

Posted by EON - August 30th, 2007

If you've tried to go to dissoluteproductions.com, lately or tried to use NG in a Box, you'll no doubt have noticed that neither are working that well. We think the reason the site is going so incredibly slowly could be to do with NG in a Box accessing a PHP script on our server, causing it to lag up. So as a precaution we've decided to take the script down for a bit, which means NG in a Box won't be working for a while. Sorry about that. We're working on getting the script put up on another server, possibly NG (plz tom Dx) but until then you'll just have to go without.

I was also worried this might effect NGiaB's chances in the monthly voting as it won't be working when people are casting their votes. So if you are one of the voters, just remember what it was like when it was working :(

Posted by EON - August 8th, 2007

*UPDATE* A mac version is now available for download here!

So I've just submitted Newgrounds in a Box, and the comments seems to be pretty much polar, either "WOW dis shiz is teh awesum !!1 ur a GOD" or "This is completely pointless. I can just go to NG and see exactly the same information. Die in a hole."
Both are slight exaggerations, but you get the point. I don't have a problem with the former, but it annoys me when people say they don't see the point in it, as all the info is on NG already. This isn't the point. The point is it has all the main information within one 730x600 box, without having to flick through various pages and wade through unnecessary infomation. It's an 'at-a-glance' summary, designed to be a convenient way of keeping up to date.
The other main point is that it is downloadable, so you can actually use it as a stand-alone application on your desktop so you can check up on the latest happenings without even touching your web browser.

I perfectly understand the "I don't see the point" argument, but just bare in mind what it's for. It simply collects various data and displays it in one box for your convenience. Anyway, click here to download it.

Also I've just been contacted by Louis, he suggested teaming up to make an even better version of NGiaB using Adobe AIR, to make it a proper desktop application with even more infomation and features, so look out for that.

Newgrounds in a Box

Posted by EON - July 18th, 2007

First of all, yay NG redesign! :3 the wait was totally worth it.

Anyway, I know a lot of people want the multiplayer version of Chaos Faction out but the truth is, we still don't really know how we would go about it, and to be honest it doesn't look like we're gona find out soon. So until then, this is what I'm working on.

A game similar to valve's Portal: A logic game based on positioning portals to guide a ball around a level. Click here for a preview. I might get in touch with Valve and see if they'd be prepared to sponsor it as a promotion for Portal.

Dynasty Street 2: That's right, there is a sequal to Dynasty Street in the making. There isn't much to see of it yet, just the engine but trust me, it's gona be awesome like you won't wanna know. Think the difference between Half Life and Half Life 2.