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Ok, here's the deal with Chaos Faction 2...

Posted by EON - May 15th, 2009

I'm at University. I'm in my final year. I have done NO revision during the last 8 months and have 7 exams to revise for by June. Studying is now my primary concern and has been since Easter. Ergo, work on games (such as, oh I don't know, CF2) has kinda come to a standstill.

You might then ask what the hell have I been up to since last summer when I initially had the release date planned, and to be honest, CF2 has been coming along steadily, but there's just SO MUCH I want to pack into it which is why I keep pushing the deadline.

Now I'm not going to make any promises since I'm clearly no good at keeping them, but what I will say is this: on Saturday 13th June 09, I will have finished full-time education for EVER and will be free to work on flash games FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. That means 24/7 working on CF2 until it gets bloody finished.

Anyway, to keep you going until my next update, here is some character art by James O'Reilly, who is doing most of the graphics and animation.

Ok, here's the deal with Chaos Faction 2...

Comments (27)

Cant wait

Sweet... But the farmer looks too innocent. >_>

so... what are you waiting.. go and Study!

so then... you can spend your time in what you like... =D

Interesting. I'm a big fan of your game Epsilon - would you say Chaos Faction 2 will be as polished as Epsilon?


yes :)

Loved the first one, this one is bound to be amazing as well.

I hope you do well.

Eagerly awaiting.

LUCKYYYYYY! I still have a year left. :C

Yeah, you tell 'em. Who cares about CF2?? You should revise so you can pass your exams with flying colours and get a REAL job after all this "Flash" nonsense.

Actually I'm studying for a degree so I can go to America and work for Armor Games full time, making flash games :3

Oh, and it looks awesome.

OMG! I loves teh chaos faction!

I want to see a monkey with iron polygon shoes, zombie eyes, and a pitchfork.

chaos faction is one of the best games on NG,
im making a tribute kinda flash, and the game will be in it.

looking foward to it. The first was good, pretty challenging

OMG! i loved to play chaos faction, almost every day, now whith chaos faction 2.............MAY will be my favorite month!!!!because now on this month will be launched:
bubble tanks arenas
super smash flash 2 demo 0.5
possibly sprite smash 2( i heard that sprite smash 2 was in process but i duno if the game will be launched on this month....but I hope for that happen :D))
......and now....chaos faction 2!!!! OMG i cant wait :D

Evil monkey. ahhh!

But seriously, CF2 looks awesome.... take your time, just make sure it's awesome to the extreme!! xD

WHENS Chaos faction 2 coming out?

oh yeah, I totally forgot to mention that in the NEWS POST I JUST WROTE


I like the Black Knight" guy. Can't wait till it comes out.

You better not disapoint me, I will explode if you do.

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