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Chaos Faction 1 broken AGAIN

Posted by EON - October 31st, 2008

Time for a fix. Play the updated version here. If you've tried to play it recently you'll notice it gets stuck on the grey lines before the loader. Turns out this was something to do with the built in flash player version detector I put in.

But never mind about that, because Chaos Faction 2 in on the way! And trust me, its awesomeness will far exceed that of CF1. So far the game-play is so much better, and with the help of the other artists being drafted in for the level backgrounds, animation and music, this should be one slick game.
But I'm afraid you'll have to wait a bit longer than initially planned. The original release date of September 2008 is looking increasingly unlikely, so it might be as long as Easter before we see it finished. Sorry about that. Anyway, I might bring out some demos and tasters some time. Remind me if I don't.

Also, has anyone noticed that flash player in Firefox now runs at the proper frame rate? How FREAKING AWESOME is that?? This basically means games will run much MUCH smoother now. Before, SWFs would always lose about 25% of the frame rate when played through a browser, but not any more! This was always such a major issue for developers, and it now appears to have been fixed. Test it yourself, open this link in Firefox and then in IE. The true frame rate is 30. Be amazed!

Comments (30)

I think some jealous bastard is hacking your game or something.

I hope CF2 is good though.

No one ever meets their deadlines for flashes. That's why I would never set one.

Looked at dev blog for CF2 a while ago and it sounds awesome. Can't wait for it.

hey your NGAP player is amazing, any chances you would be updating that?

I was amazed, because if the true framerate is 30, how did it go up to 31?!

Make Chaos Faction 2 awesome!


my frame rate in firefox was 31, while in IE it was around 23.

don't forget to put a mute sound option in CF2!
ot was one of my biggest problems between playing CF and listening to music at the same time.

it* was, sorry.

something wrong...cam/pain and level editor wont wrok...
please fix.

i'm sure CF2 will be more awesome than first part. i can't wait for it! good job man

awesome. can't wait till CF2

Oh mang, CF 2 is going to get more fans than Brawl. :]

it brock for me....
my names is a mix of dynasty, mechalo and gorrill
nice game

dont let anyone mess up CF2 make it Super Awsome and Hurry With the game i wanna play it!

CF2 is going to ROCK!!!

Shame really, cause chaos faction is one of my faviroute games. and if CF2 is better (How the hell can it be? CF is the best!) then i hope it gets released quickly. but as well as focusing on making the game, how about you make some music for it, or team up with paragon or something like that.


Can't wait for CF2!
Anyway, in IE, it stays at 30fps, going to 31 at the beginning for a couple seconds. With FF, it flickers between 30 and 31 every second.

Hey, this is only an idea, but what if you made a weapon creator. Like you can only have one, but you would have a base (allows for certian add-ons), the barrel (singifiys the primary fire), clip (how much ammo), and add-ons (secondary fire, laser pointer, stats, recoil, etc.). You can only use a certain amount of weapon points (so weapons aren't overpowered like the cannon) and each weapon has a different amount. While it's only an idea, i would like to see this in CF2. CF was great BTW!!!

Release the game already! I have been waiting for this game since the first release date and then you had to say that you could not release it now RELEASE IT!! or at least let off a beta or demo.

guys... i'm watching DissoluteProducteons a while now, and there came SCREENSHOTS!!!, now THATS awesome!
nice screenshots EON...

when is chaos faction 2 going to come out

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