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Well I never!

Shame you can't actually zoom in forever in flash player..

Is it just me...

or does the thing really lag up just after the *excellent* song in the intro finishes?

Anyway, OK animation. Good luck in the comp.

TheCriminalDuder responds:

Yeah, thankfully the version sent to the festival is no lag as it's am Avi. format.
Anyway thanks for the kickass song. It worked perfectly with it.


I agree with most other people who reviewed, it could have been better. Magical Trevor started off good but its kinda going down hill...

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"Newgrounds Radio"?

Why does that sound familiar..

Nice addition of the visualisations though.

Archawn responds:

Haha :)

Yours was cool, but I think visualizations add a whole new level to the concept.

not bad

but I would appreciate you asking for permision before using my source code (NGiaB).

To previous review..

"I like this kind of games becuase you can just sit back and not play and just listen to the music, which is a rare with games these days"

It's rare of games these days, because that is not what games are about. If you want to sit back and watch something eye-pleasing, watch a movie. If you want to be mentally stimulated and be faced with a challenge, play a game.

In terms of being a game, this is nothing special at all. It's more of an aesthetically pleasing interactive experience, in terms of which this is very good. But as the author of desktops of the future I can hardly complain about that..

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First review!

To an AWESOME song. Seriously, very clean, professional, nice mix-down. And very diverse. Respect.

Ok song..

but not drum & bass. make sure you have the right category in the future.

Pretty good song.

Nice to hear a decent decent in the weekly top 5 for a change.

And invaderzimja, the ID is 89792. (it's the number at the end of the URL ^ )

If you've seen my alias written as -EON-, it's still me. Due to changes in formatting I've had to shed my beloved hyphens.

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