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Your chance to be in Chaos Faction 2!

Posted by EON - October 4th, 2009

So the gameplay for CF2 is pretty much done and we're finally starting to think about sounds, and this is where you come into it.

The characters in CF1 were a bit lifeless, and as part of our effort to give them more character this time we want to give them a more varied range of sounds as they react to the gameplay, which means voice acting! We've split up the voices into 5 'personalities', and the sounds into 7 types.

The personalities are:

A cartoony kid's voice, think Nes and Ice Climbers from Super Smash Bros. Might want to get younger brothers/cousins to have a go at this one.

Snide Male
eg. Waluigi, Murdoc from The Gorillaz etc., this will be for the bully characters, the scientist and the ghost.

Generic Male
Just a generic male voice, like Fox and Captain Falcon from SSB.

Gruff Male
This will be for the pirate, farmer and builder, so it shouldn't be too specific to any of these (no Yarrrs, ooh-arrs etc.)

Growly and snarly, think lions, tigers, bears, zombies.

And the sounds we need for each personality are:

Small grunt (eg. hah!, huh!, rg!)
This will be for regular kicking/punching. These should be short and punchy (lol.) no more than a fraction of a second.

Big grunt (eg. Haaaaa!!, Rrrrraaaah!!, Yaaaaagh!!)
For more powerful 'rage' attacks (like special moves in Street Fighter/Tekken)

Get hit (eg. oof.. ah.. ng..)
Again, short and punchy.

Die (KO'd) (eg. aagh!, no!)

Fall off ledge/hit a long distance (eg. Aaaaaagh...!, Noooooo...!, Waaaaagh...!)

Sneaky laugh (eg. heh heh, heehee, *chuckle*)
When players pick up a crate, blow someone up with a mine, hit a switch etc. Maybe a bit like in Worms.

Happy (eg. Yeah!, Haha!)
Get a multikill, win the match etc.

We would need several variations of each of these sound types for each personality. (4 or 5 grunts, 4 or 5 deaths etc.)

We can't offer any money for the clips we use, but you will of course be immortalized in the credits for the game and be the envy of all your friends. So if you have a microphone, start playing around, have some fun, and send the results to me at neo42_40k@hotmail.com. Bear in mind we are more likely to use good quality recordings, also don't bother with additional effects (reverb/echo), we'll add them later if necessary. However if you want to shift the pitch, that's fine.

Thanks, -George Eade (EON)

Comments (46)

If only I had a mic for voice acting D:

"I'll get you, you big jerk!" - Halo Grunt

If only i have a mic......I would do good Snide and Generic.

well each character actually have different attributes? like speed, attack , animations etc. or just graphic swaps over the same design.

The appearance of characters won't actually affect their stats, the only part that will affect them in any way will be the mouth, which will of course change the soundbite set.

Why not take voices from tf2? And make those characters from the game and make it an unlockable for beating the game or getting all the medals.

that would be using copyrighted material, we want all original voice acting.

What TheReno said.

Why not just steal TF2 Voices and do more work than you need to?
oh someone said that already.

I lost my mic but I want to get one right away and tryout! :D
How long do we have?

Quite a while yet, we're aiming to have it released by Christmas.

I would, but my mike sucks and i have no editing tool. =(

But if you need a Beta tester, I'd be more than happy to do that...

I suck at voice acting lol

Awesome, I want to do snide male.

Took you long enough.

What's the deadline for these voices? I might be able to buy a mic in time... or not. :(

You've got several weeks yet, we're hoping to get it out by Christmas.

Should I edit the sounds myself?
Like have the falling off the stage fade out and stuff?

If you feel you can do it well, otherwise leave it to us, I'll get our sound guy to do any editing.

Well then I suppose your in a pickle.

When everyone is asleep I'll submit some. (3 hours)

Oh nad do you want any female voices? my sister in law might do some ;D

Well there aren't any female characters, but female voice actors are often used for children, so she could do a few for the kids personality.

i can do the following...

Kid (easy)
Animal (piece of cake)
Generic Male (of course)
Small grunt (like halo grunt wise? yes)

anything else you need?
just send me a PM then well talk.
i also have my Aim name on my account.


o btw i dont have hotmail so if do you have gmail or skype thats perfect ill send you samples!


actually Big grunt i may be able to do...

anyways i hope to do some recordings soon and send you to w/e form of email you have......hopefully....


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