Chaos Faction 2!

2008-08-12 09:09:39 by EON

Ok, so Epsilon was insanely popular and did far better than any of us were expecting. I was amazed it stayed in the top 50 for as long as it did, I really wasn't expecting such an appreciative reception. And to think I was planning on giving up half way through the game because I thought it was crap...

But anyway, now that's finally out the way we've started on another little project. That's right, for all you Chaos Faction fans endlessly pestering for a sequel, Chaos Faction 2 is now on the way! The original release date was for the end of September, but due to unforeseen factors (namely remembering that flash games do actually take a while to make) that date is now looking more like Christmas time. But the wait will be worth it. We've got the likes of Michael Swain working on some level designs and graphics, Geier Arnold on the music (he also did the music for Epsilon), and we'll hopefully be getting in some other artists to help out with other aspects.

That's all I'll say for now, but you can read up more on what's planned for the game here, and have your say on what you think should be included.


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2008-08-12 09:13:00

Great news, looking forward to see the game once it will be released!



2008-08-12 09:40:37



2008-08-12 09:54:18

Here's a suggestion: When shooting and such, please make it more "forceful", like, there needs to be more strength behind the animation and more power etc. Maybe screen shaking or something.

EON responds:

I know exactly what you mean, and that's what we're trying to improve on.


2008-08-12 10:11:31

YAY! I love chaos faction haven't played it much since a few months back though... CANT WAIT 4 THE SEQUEL! Can you tell us anything new about chaos faction 2?


2008-08-12 10:49:34

looking forward to it
you already have my 5


2008-08-12 11:16:57

Ooh Chaos Faction returns :O will this one have an online option?


2008-08-12 11:31:55

The first one made me really mad because of how hard some of the enemies were. I can't wait to see the next one! :D


2008-08-12 12:21:55

no way dude. i cant wait for it man.


2008-08-12 12:29:22

cant wait


2008-08-12 14:45:35

My favorite Online game is gonna have a sequel.



2008-08-12 15:30:03



2008-08-12 16:46:46

The-Swain seems to have a lot of time on his hands. He's working with Glaiel on a game right now, too, I think.

Chaos Faction 2 will be awesome. Is this the rip-roaring online sequel you were thinking about, or is this going to basically be like the first one with more features?

EON responds:

Like we've said it looks like the multiplayer version would be impossible, XML sockets just aren't fast enough for a fast paced action game like this. So basically CF2 will be like the first with much more features, better weapons, levels, controls etc. It'll also have same-keyboard multiplayer :)


2008-08-12 17:31:18

Heh, I just played Epsilon and beat it. It's like Portal, except it looks and feels completely different.


2008-08-12 20:00:53

If you just add offline multiplayer I will be happy, Can't wait!

EON responds:

You won't be disapointed.


2008-08-12 23:41:49



2008-08-13 01:42:19

hell yeah!!! can't wait


2008-08-14 09:07:15

o_e Chaos Faction II......

I was always thinking of a Lightning-themed guy in Chaos Faction... Perhaps there could be one in CF2?


2008-08-23 20:09:51

I can't wait for Chaos Faction 2! Will you also make sequels to your other games?


2008-09-05 15:53:30

so when is it coming out anyway?

EON responds:

hopefully before christmas.


2008-09-08 22:50:00

All the gods of music and animation are working on this fantastic flash. The swain and arnold, awsome! A few suggestions: please amke a wider variety of weapons characters, and levels. The game was very easy to beat. Also make the wopean damage more realistic, perhaps when the katana slashes a temporary slash apears on the chest and then fades away, at the same time a little blood spatters on the screen. Same thing with a crossbow, you can actualy see a arrow stuck througha chracter. Make critical damage as well as maybe a higher defence or a higher attack pickup, or temperory infimite ammo, maybe bloodlust mode. I have the ultimate gaming pc sitting here and he says he's bored.

Please repond!

EON responds:

I know what you mean about the effects the weapons have on characters and I've been working on it. There is now blood/shockwaves etc which makes hitting an enemy a lot more satisfying :)


2008-09-09 02:29:49

I cant wait for chaous faction 2! In chaos faction 2, can you make this game that we can play multiplayer ? It can be great if that so I can play with my friend thought. Make it please.


2008-09-13 07:38:47

yes i cant wait for it im going to play it like everyday and in the second u should make diffrent items to use for level editor and u should also make online play vsing other people online and finally u should (sorry for saying should alot) make the little guy level up like he starts on level 1 and u can make like level 100 is the limit and u get exp by beating people online and everytime u level up u should teach ur guy new moves and u can mix up the guy when creating and give him a name and thats all i have 2 say so ya

EON responds:

that's the longest sentence I've ever seen.


2008-09-13 20:25:06

lol my comment was huge ^


2008-09-16 06:26:18

That's really great, I can't wait for it to be here.. I don't know if you remember but I sent you a PM when you submitted Chaos Faction.. About 2 years ago I think.. and you replied.

I have matured since then lol


2008-09-16 08:03:37

You could always create the game for consoles such as the 360, allowing for online multiplayer, Tom did it, so why can't you =P


2008-09-22 05:10:58

Gnarly! can't wait!


2008-09-26 20:54:17

any plans for a second epsilon? just finished, and the words 'phase 2' taunted a sequel. cant wait for chaos faction 2.


2008-09-30 19:08:04

insanely awesome dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2008-10-07 18:09:26

Yay!! I always wanted a chaos factions 2 and hear it is (or coming)! You're one of the best flash makers ever!!


2008-10-21 19:31:28

nice Rlly Kewl... Well Cant Wait :D Ty btw For Making Al this stuff ;)


2008-11-04 11:08:24

wah why!! why!! i think itll be awesome but why you abandoned it another game project or wath? time school jobs what?


2008-11-07 09:58:45

What? I mean I'm a major fan of Chaos faction but I think you should at least try to get the beta or something out first. Seeing as you are a smart guy I assumed that you could think of something that simple. Just use your mind it opens up all different kinds of options. I mean just release the Demo or Beta first. Personally I think that its going to be a very good game. Why don't you release the Demo or at least the Beta.


2008-11-25 12:54:46

when does it come out bro?or maybe tell us where your work reached?


2008-12-10 20:27:07

I cant wait...the first game was kick ass
dont let me down EON!!!!


2008-12-22 12:56:07

you shood be able to "reload" so if you r like running out of shots a powerup could be like reload so it replenishes. Just a thot


2009-01-17 15:34:12

so when is this coming out? id like to know a date cuz im really excited. the first cf rocked, now 2 is coming out? hell yeah. keep it up eon. ur the man. love your games. if it were possible, i would vote you number 1 on game making here on newgrounds. you know how many other sites stole your chaos faction game though? kinda crappy. but yeah. let me know man. you're awesome.


2009-02-14 12:11:35

So when is it Released? PM me please! And also your games are awesome!


2009-02-21 09:48:44

Maybe the final Boss fight could be a mixture of many of the characters in CF2 and it could be 3 times the size of the others. Also an electric man could be good and a Knight. Just a thought



2009-03-31 20:51:55

when is it coming outtttttt


2009-04-07 12:29:03

Can't wait for chaos faction 2. i've seen the page on the dissolute productions website, and think that it will be far better than the last one.
Oh, and add werewolves, they rock!
Hope to see the sequel soon.


2009-04-19 04:44:00

Lookin Forward 2 It... But Will There Be More Weapons???


2009-07-13 01:40:17



2009-08-09 14:45:57

I cant wait for this game


2009-08-22 21:51:45

BIG FAN, first of all.

One suggestion though: maybe have some levels that are more like missions. that would give tthe game a new edge to it.
just a suggestion, and please tell me what you think.

lookin forward to it and the wait will be worth it.


2009-10-23 10:11:05

make it in this year please and lovely in winter


2009-11-05 16:19:21

Can you make it 2 player


2009-11-14 11:31:23

can't wait :D


2009-11-26 04:13:41

Like.. When you get hit the screen shakes like in... eh.. Lets say Thing thing 4?


2009-12-11 22:36:48

Looking Forward! just an aside, maybe a mute button this time. I like to listen to AC/DC while playing. =D


2009-12-17 04:19:23

Thats Great News. I've been wondering ever since I played the first one if their was a secound edition to one of the best games ever. Mabye in CF2 you could add alot more characters such as a fire guy and mabye ice and lightning. Power ups that allow you to use a speical move or wepon for a limited time. An online feature would be awesome too. I'd like to see it rated M(17+) because of violence. Blood that dosen't fade, bruses and black eyes. Like madye when you hit someone with the katana, seeing the blood smears on the katana would be EPIC!!!!!!!!CAN"T WAIT!!!!!!!!!NOT FOR CHRISTMAS.........BUT FOR CF2!!!!!!!