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"Newgrounds Radio"?

Why does that sound familiar..

Nice addition of the visualisations though.

Archawn responds:

Haha :)

Yours was cool, but I think visualizations add a whole new level to the concept.

not bad

but I would appreciate you asking for permision before using my source code (NGiaB).

To previous review..

"I like this kind of games becuase you can just sit back and not play and just listen to the music, which is a rare with games these days"

It's rare of games these days, because that is not what games are about. If you want to sit back and watch something eye-pleasing, watch a movie. If you want to be mentally stimulated and be faced with a challenge, play a game.

In terms of being a game, this is nothing special at all. It's more of an aesthetically pleasing interactive experience, in terms of which this is very good. But as the author of desktops of the future I can hardly complain about that..


I'm afraid I have to add to the list of disappointed reviews.

As a total addict to XT1, (seriously, it's the only flash game I've ever played again and again) I was very surprised to see that you had completely changed the basic layout of the game.
The mazing was the most important part to the game as the challenge was in planning the best rout for the aliens to take to maximise damage, and I was very disappointed to see this was really cut back on.
I was also quite frustrated by the fact that the flying aliens could only be damaged by the sky lasers, and that they can spread out so much, meaning they are often out of range of the turrets unless you build a lot of them.

The only other major complaint is the difficulty; XT1 had a good gradient ranging from incredibly easy on the first level to insanely hard on the last, and as a veteran to the game (record on mission 6 is level 79 :D) I was slightly embarrassed that I couldn't even complete the very first mission on this one.

However, I was pleased to see that the ability to upgrade different aspects of turrets was introduced, this was my only problem with the first one and I'm glad you added this feature. However it's slightly annoying that a turret only has 10 upgrade points for you to share out between the different attributes, maybe each aspect should have 10 upgrades each, or at least give the option to downgrade different parts so you can re-distribute them later on.
And yeah, the graphics were quite a lot better this time too.

So finally, like everyone has been saying, please make a XT3 more or less the same as this one but with the mazing abilities of the first and you'll have a winner. Please read over the reviews for XT1 and 2 and make a note of the different aspects of both games people liked, and then combine them into a super-sequel that everyone will love.

Anyway, I'm off to play XT1 again. Seriously, that game is addictive, I'm playing it now more to get my fix than for the actual enjoyment. I just hope they don't make it a class A any time soon.

*your biggest Xeno fan, -EON*

Fantastic game.

This really is an addictive game. Graphics and sound are great, and more importantly it's very fun to play.
The only problem I'm maving is with mission 4, it's just way too hard compared to the others. I've tried it so many times and I can only get to at most wave 37.
Appart from that, really great game. Keep em coming.

Even though I made it..

The music kinda got on my nerves after a while :P
Good game though, interesting variation on Bustamove. It's such a rare treat to have my songs used in a decent game.
Keep it up, I'm sure you'll go far.

jimmy responds:

your musics some of the best on the audio portal, i'll probably be using more of it in other submitions

Pretty impressive

Graphics were very smooth, nice ambience, music, sfx etc. Game play was a little weird but it fealt good.
Also the score table still isn't working.. you sure you updated it with the ArmorBot V 2.0 code?

Armegalo responds:

I did, but I'm not sure if the newgrounds staff have OK'd it yet...
After 5000 hits they have to check if you change the .swf


Games on NG are really startin to get weird.

6 meg

That is pretty big. For a start, how about not having 6 10 minute long songs in the damn thing?!
I have to say that was quite disapointing after such a long wait.


the music only was 1mb in total, the rest was 5mb


Was amazin!!! That is stayin throned at the top of my many favourties until I find something worthy of impressing me even more. The physics, the humour, the cleverness of it saving ur changes when you quit(!), every thing is just great.
Truly inspiring!

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