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Might as well reply to your PM here...

Thanks for releasing this in better quality, but why did you take out the vox? Roll on the next version!

XayberOptix responds:

I didn't take out the Vox, I just didn't put it in on this version. ;)

You again :)

Ok, I guess I owe you a review or two by now.

Let's see.. my first impression was that the pad your using (albeit quite sexy..) is way too overpowering. I was also a bit disapointed to hear quite a standard Vanguard preset being used straight away, (and all through the track) but I guess it works quite well.
As for the diversity.. I'd place this under prog-trance, if there is such a genre. Waay too progressive and buildy-upy, and you pretty much use the same sounds throughout with very little variation, but then I think it creates quite a good atmosphere. A little boring but only in the way that all progressive music is kinda boring.
The drums are kinda.. well, pretty week, which I was suprised about considering how much you complain about mine :P I was expecting something a little more powerful to give it a more industrial feel but no such luck :( But again, I think they work fine with the atmosphere.

Generally not bad, but I think you could do with a little work on your mastering to give it a cleaner finish.

Also, how do your tracks get so many reviews? mine hardly have any and most of them are at least gold :(

Anyway, a little dark for my taste (as you should realise) but not bad for the style.


Karco responds:

All right... nothing to add relating to the first paragraph, though I'll keep your advice in mind. This was actually supposed to be submitted under Trance... but I must have misclicked, or something. Gah. >:(

Yep, now it's official - serious diversity issues in this song... I'll be sure to fix that in part two. ;)

I think the drums could have been weak in the beginning while they were under that filter... but you were supposed to simply notice them until I pulled off the filter and let them play normally. Actually, I'd agree that industrial drums would fit well. But that's not the feeling I was aiming for... ;)

Yeah... like I said in a few other responses, I think I might rerelease this one since I apparently didn't do as well as I thought. :( I'm trying.

And my reviews... I get so many because I want them. :P If you look at my review count, it's fairly high for someone signed up for a little more than two months, with more than 200 reviews... and then many of them, especially the recent ones, give a lot of positive criticism (or praise if the song is good enough :D) and advice, asking the artist to stop by my audio page at the end. It's this combination that makes them feel obligated to... thus the high amount of reviews. That, and I have a few friends who are consistently reviewing my music... so maybe if you just reviewed other people's music a bit more often you would get more in return. ;)

Thanks a lot for your review, EON, I'll be sure to keep your input in mind. :)

Very good!

I thought I recognised it when the melody kicked in, to be honest I've never actually heard the original but I'm sure this is just as good. In fact for all I know This could be the original...
Was this recorded live, or was it sequenced? I can hear elements of both, and if it was then you put it together very effectively.
Nicely done.
Have a 5 why don't you.

F3NRIZ responds:

thanks! It's all computer/synthesizer made (but I did not use any samples). I played/programmed the tracks, then I recorded and mixed them together.

Not bad

Very clear and subtle, unlike some of the crap in the Hip Hop section. Keep it up and maybe add some more diversity.

Rucklo responds:

thanx for the reivew. Do note this song is quite old tho... :)


"You voted 5 for XI-Armageddon, raising its score from 3.93 to 4.00."
That is some serious stuff. You're only 15 and your already making tracks this good? what you gonna be like when your 20??
I don't usually say this, but keep it up.

The-XI responds:

Haha, thanks. You make good music as well =D

Mayb a bit repetative...

But I guess that makes it a good trance track. Very professional sound and certainly made me feel like raving.
(btw that's a hell of a lot of reviews O_o where'd you get them from?)

The-XI responds:

Yeah... looking back on this, this is pretty generic Goa. Damn repeptitive... I could've made it a lot better =(

And about the reviews... I worked hard for each one of em =) I wrote a hell of a lot of reviews =P

Pretty nice

Not often you come across such a good clean sound. Simply yet has a lot to offer, and despite the generally low scores for originality and diversity, I voted 4.
We need more stuff like this in the portal!

Nirodha responds:

Thank you

Not bad...

But for a start, WAY to slow for a DnB track, this has gotta be like 80 bpm which is disapointing sinse the MI theme is quite fast anyway and a DnB enterpretation might have gone quite well.
Also bit too sparse and very little diversity considering the theme.

MadChris responds:

it used to be faster but i thought making it slower would make it sound better

Not bad...

Kinda original but NO way is that DnB :P

Red-Slash responds:

what do you suggest i call it?

all it has is a piano and a solo drum loop so i called it dnb.

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