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High School?

Sounds pretty professional for a bunch of 15 yr olds, but who ever performed it or arranged it it sounds pretty cool. Nice to hear a bit of jazz for a change.


Very good. Nice bit of orchestral marching music, could be a baseball jingle or something I likes it!

Not bad

Very clear and subtle, unlike some of the crap in the Hip Hop section. Keep it up and maybe add some more diversity.

Rucklo responds:

thanx for the reivew. Do note this song is quite old tho... :)


1000th song in the portal!


"You voted 5 for XI-Armageddon, raising its score from 3.93 to 4.00."
That is some serious stuff. You're only 15 and your already making tracks this good? what you gonna be like when your 20??
I don't usually say this, but keep it up.

The-XI responds:

Haha, thanks. You make good music as well =D

Mayb a bit repetative...

But I guess that makes it a good trance track. Very professional sound and certainly made me feel like raving.
(btw that's a hell of a lot of reviews O_o where'd you get them from?)

The-XI responds:

Yeah... looking back on this, this is pretty generic Goa. Damn repeptitive... I could've made it a lot better =(

And about the reviews... I worked hard for each one of em =) I wrote a hell of a lot of reviews =P

Pretty nice

Not often you come across such a good clean sound. Simply yet has a lot to offer, and despite the generally low scores for originality and diversity, I voted 4.
We need more stuff like this in the portal!

Nirodha responds:

Thank you

Not bad...

But for a start, WAY to slow for a DnB track, this has gotta be like 80 bpm which is disapointing sinse the MI theme is quite fast anyway and a DnB enterpretation might have gone quite well.
Also bit too sparse and very little diversity considering the theme.

MadChris responds:

it used to be faster but i thought making it slower would make it sound better


Not bad but kinda short.. coulda been better if you'd spent more effort on it :/

Pretty good

But if you mean the key of E, it's actually in G minor :p

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