Entry #15

Flash MindMeld

2011-02-05 11:01:59 by EON

Wow, it's been a while.. my life has been pretty hectic since Chaos Faction 2 was released. I've now moved to a different city and have a full-time job working at 4T2 Multimedia. Pretty sweet setup, I now get to make games for names like LEGO and the BBC. Not really what I want to be doing long-term though but I'm having fun and the experience I'm gaining is invaluable.

Anyway, in case you're interested I've been asked to contribute to Flash MindMeld - a collaborative e-seminar where "60 of the greatest minds behind flash games" (including Tom Fulp, Brad Borne etc.) each record a 60-second talk about what makes a great flash game. So if you want to hear what I have to say in my horrible British accent then tune in on Feb 15th.


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2011-02-05 16:53:00

I really can't wait for this. Hopefully you guys will release like a clip every day or two so we don't have to wait ten days.

Also, I wish that we could get a chance to respond as amateurs to the advice given to us. That would be nice...


2011-02-05 23:05:04

Sounds interesting, figure I'll check it out. Also, nice to hear about the job. Good goin'.


2011-03-05 14:33:49

how do you do to win
Chaos Faction 2


2011-03-19 14:20:44

eon all of my charters on chaos fation 2 erazed


2011-04-23 22:50:31

Can I send you a character for Chaos Faction 3?


2011-05-09 06:40:02

If theres gonna be Chaos Faction 3,could there be much more characters?Chaos Faction 2 is great,very much fun but there isn't very much characters. :(
I would like to see some Asian themed characters.


2011-05-22 11:25:11

Does that mean you had no time left now to produce amazing songs like Universe City? We the people of Newgrounds miss those.


2011-06-13 06:37:09

your alive?
people on the bbs say your dead?

EON responds:



2012-02-08 12:35:18

I would like to have repeaters in the third chaos faction and in the chaos faction 2 that came gorilli, mechalo and vortigon


2012-02-26 20:49:17

are you still making Games?


2012-09-14 16:02:32

Dear EON!
I'm making a non-Flash game with LOTS of smooth tehno music (ten tracks). Could I use some of your songs? Of course I'll give you credit, both in the main menu and in the credits after beating the game. I want to use "Speed of Sound".
I hope your answer will be favorable for me.


2012-10-15 23:57:18

You should make a game like your Seven Deadly Sins but you get a Unlimited time limit and you can go into free Roaming Mode when you beat the game so that way you can get to a Unlimited ammount of Strength and so on, and you can even find some "Special"hidden passage ways to newer Places with much stronger people! Like a RPG game or something. That'd rule!


2012-11-27 21:01:19

Dear EON,
please make a Chaos Faction 3. It would be very appreciated. I love the series. One was great by itself but then you added two and I was like alright, but it left me hungry for more. It you read this please make a new one. Thank you for everything. Have a nice day


2013-01-20 00:11:41

EON please make chaos faction 3 if you don't mind. if you are in a trouble or don't know which characters you want then I will help you message me and I will help you have a happy and safe new year


2013-04-01 22:29:33

where have you been


2013-05-22 19:15:12

Dear EON,

Why is your website not working? The one with .com just leads to Chaos Faction 2 on Armor Games. The one with .tk thing won't let me in. Please make these up and running for the public again.


2013-08-25 11:00:07

Nice, nice.


2017-10-08 12:33:22

I loved your game "Chaos Faction 2" and I would like to know if you keep making games, and what happened to you? and why did not you do Chaos Faction 3? Where can I get your games? YOU ARE DEAD?! :(