Chaos Faction 2 is OUT!

2010-04-07 18:46:10 by EON

So, like, I've just released this game I've been working on, called CHAOS FACTION 2! Play it HERE!

Remember, the reason it's not on NG just yet is that it's exclusive to Armor Games until May 7th, that's 4 weeks from now. It's part of the sponsorship deal with AG, as they have been extremely supportive through development, and have also contributed a lot financially. Also we will be using this period to continue debugging the game so that when it goes public it will be working smoothly for everyone.

Anyway, I would really like some feedback. The reviews so far on AG have hardly been that insightful so I'm relying on you guys for some more detailed comments. Give it a play and post anything you want to say here.

Also remember to check out the CF2 forum for CF2 related stuff, including custom level competitions!


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2010-04-07 19:07:28

just dont forget to credit us voice actors ;)



2010-04-07 19:08:33

I was planning on voting 5. I guess I was wrong. :(

EON responds:



2010-04-07 19:08:52

Thanks, your AWESOME!!!


You just made my day!


2010-04-07 19:15:06

you should've made a deal with NG instead of AG ;)

anyway, looking forward to the game, when it OFFICIALLY releases. On NG. :3



2010-04-07 19:43:20

Is Gorilli and All the other guys from CF1 in this?

EON responds:

Some are.


2010-04-07 19:45:45

OMG. Yay!


2010-04-07 20:08:47

lol exclusive on AG...

Wow one month exclusivity? how much you wanna bet every programmer on NG would scream foul if Tom made such dick move demands such as that.

whats even funnier when it is finally released. AG expects it to be frontpaged regardless of the fact that they never do that for us with our sponsored games.

That Dan. such a great guy...


I don't find it particularly fun. the final hit from the 3 hit combo has you sliding across the screen and usually to your doom. Also Since everyone is just a carbon copy of one another it can get confusing very quickly. I liked the stage traps though.

hey, at least the landing and jumping particle effects were nice ;)

(Updated ) EON responds:

MindChamber, that's not fair at all. Exclusivity periods are not that uncommon for sponsored games, especially when the sponsor has so much invested in the game. Dan has been incredibly helpful and supportive through the development process and has also invested a lot financially, so it's perfectly reasonable to expect some exclusivity. Plus this way we can work on bugs while the game is exclusive to AG so that when it does go public, the game will be much smoother for everyone. Oh, and we have integrated the NG medals API so that when it does go public NG users will have a unique experience.

Also AG has front paged many NG sponsored games. What's more, the NG games they have bought licenses for they have allowed to keep the NG logo and links back to the site, so please don't accuse Armor Games of being unfair.


2010-04-07 20:15:29

this sucks Armor Games web site is messed up i cant play the game!!! WTF


2010-04-07 20:17:31

It's a good game but there's just something not quite right with the controls just like in the first game. They're pretty unresponsive and I often find my self punching the enemies when they're on the other side of me resulting in my impending doom.


2010-04-07 20:51:44

OMFG!!!!!!! thank you so much EON EXCUSE MY SWEARING BUT YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO EXCITED!!!!!


2010-04-07 21:18:25

i was REALLY excited when i saw this post. then, i played it. physics are so off. i was CONSTANTLY flying or sliding.


2010-04-07 21:18:25

Awesome game dude!


2010-04-07 22:24:40

I guess I'll try it in a month then!


2010-04-07 22:39:09

Watch out for the wild combo complaints. Missing targets so often wears down patience for a lot of gamers. For me, I had to put my eager attention span on hold to learn how to move correctly. This is only what I thought beginning play though.


2010-04-07 22:53:14

I loved it, you aren't getting as much love on AG as I thought you would.

But damn that last boss is pissing me off so much
been trying to beat him all day :C


2010-04-08 00:30:32

This has got to be a joke, right? Not very impressive and on the campaign what's with the not fighting one on one. Instead of that we get this bullshit.

EON responds:

So you want 15 more levels of monotonous 1-vs-1 gameplay like CF1, rather than 15 uniquely designed and dynamic challenges?


2010-04-08 02:29:46

is the ninja still in it


2010-04-08 05:57:16

Its been a long wait... BUT IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT!!
I can see that you have put a lot off effort on it;)


2010-04-08 09:30:27

Way too much happening on screen, way to hectic; really hard to keep up sometimes. Who knows, maybe I'm just looking for something to nitpick at. Oh, and ArmorGames suck.


2010-04-08 09:31:30

Nice work, EON. Despite only fewer characters made to the sequel, I find that one fun. :) I'll be waiting to give you my 5s & full stars. ;) Good job, and the wait pays off.


2010-04-08 11:07:47

Cool! I've almost finished the game. I just can't get past Vortigon. I don't like the guys at the beginning of the level. All they do is take away your lives for Vortigon.
But other than that 5 Stars.


2010-04-08 11:58:28



2010-04-08 14:30:28

awesome but i experienced a glitch where after the chainsaw fuel ran out the noise would keep going when the weapon was gone


2010-04-08 16:40:56



2010-04-08 22:56:31

You've made my day man.......
Frekin SWEET!
If i'd had a choice for playing CF2(for 1 hr) and Starcraft 1 hr)
Itll be cf2
and did DP change it's design?
PM me for last question(did DP change it's design?)


2010-04-09 12:28:42

It was worth the wait. It was a little short and vortogon lost to me on my first try. But it was still quite fun and I'm still playing it.


2010-04-09 14:36:44

Major Glitch alert

If you didn't notice yet if you keep using the chainsaw really fast then it will keep making the sound even after its gone. You might have to get hit while using it though for it to work. P.S. Its not holding it it its when you keep just slicing once again and again :3


2010-04-09 18:11:22

loved the game, people are just trolling as with every sequel, don't mind them that much :P, the only thing I would like better would be stages without holes, as it would adapt to all tastes, nevertheless that's only my opinion


2010-04-10 06:55:21

the game is defo more challenging whats a good thing but the last level is a bit too hard, still havent done it yet XD


2010-04-10 23:39:18

I love that all the unlockable characters in Chaos Faction 2 are from newgrounds (my favorate site).


2010-04-11 00:54:02

AARRRGGG!!!! WHERE'S PARAGONX9 lol. In all honesty, though, her music was WAY better.

EON responds:

(*his, he's actually male)


2010-04-11 16:08:44

man i keep going to armor games and the format of the site is different and games dont run on the site so submit the awsome game to newgrounds please or fix armor games.


2010-04-16 20:13:31


I used to play CF1 all the time when I was a kid, I can't beleive the sequel is out!!! Dissolute rules!!


2010-04-16 20:17:53

In all seriousness, though, thank you so much for making a sequel to my all-time favorite flash game. I'm getting ready to play it now... I REALLY hope Vortigon the awesome makes a comeback... He does, right? ;) (It's alright if he doesn't, Vortigon was my favorite char. in CF1, I always played as him. :P)


2010-04-18 09:03:22

I Have Played The Chaos Faction 2
I got played it 100%
Campaing 100%
Achievements 100%!!


2010-04-20 17:04:09

Only thing I think you should change is how to do the charge punch, make it so that you have to keep hitting the z button, and hold the z button to charge the punch. Other than that, fun game! Can't wait for the NG edition/Download edition!


2010-04-22 10:21:49

Love this game! I just managed to get every achievement, and I like what you unlock for doing so. That survival one, though, is extremely hard!

As far as negative feedback goes, I usually found myself punching in the wrong direction, even when I'm pressing the arrow key. Maybe it's just me, but it seems to happen a lot.


2010-04-25 02:01:22

Hey, You mentioned in DP forums that you would add a level/choose custom level winners on alternating saturdays respectively. What was the competition winner for April 24th or the new level added?


2010-04-25 12:01:55

dude, the game is AWESOME! I played the game, but when I encountered the beginning of the last level, I forgot how Vortigon looked in the first game (which was also the most AWESOME GAME OUT THERE!), so I played through the first game. I finished the first game in 37 minutes, from scratch.

As for the second game, I still can't beat Vortigon again. I like how he's more difficult since he wants revenge.


2010-04-28 21:05:38

EON i tried it on armor games I love it! honestly it is exactly what I was waiting for so fun!!! FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2010-04-28 21:10:34

Admittedly, at first, the controls were really hard to get used to, but then it just gets totally kickass. xD

Love the new campaign levels. ^^

So, are you going to do a multiplayer with CF2 or something?


2010-05-06 18:16:11

Here's an idea: perhaps make it so the controlls arent locked out for so long when you have been hit into the air. I think it's too easy to get knocked off the stage by a back flippy kicky thing. I think you should shorten the time your controlls are out it by half.


2010-05-08 08:39:18

Yeah its really awesome but I finished campaign mode but I didn't get the Chaos Kudos medal


2010-05-08 14:46:03

Some people think the game iss Hard.
non-n00bs think its awesome, check out my review and the one before it.


2010-05-09 12:50:55

for chaos faction 2 um i completed all of the campaign challenges and yet i didnt get any medal or acheivment if u can pls fix this.


2010-05-09 14:18:46

The survivor achievement is too damn hard...... The throw cheap shots and every time I get a good weapon a fucking crate comes down and replaces it with a trampoline!


2010-05-09 19:53:46

I have all the medals except for one "lift off"


2010-05-09 19:54:49

hey when i play CF2 the controls dont work and my guy does wgatever he or she wants.


2010-05-10 11:12:38

CF2 is awesome, however it would be better if you add more interactive enviroments like the level with the buttons and lasers. And I actually liked playing the campaign better than the deathmatch. Some suggestions if you're planning on making a third one or at least an upgrade:
1,More campaign levels
2.More interactive enviroments
3.The abililty to add buttons that triggers an event or a turret and hazardous enviroment


2010-05-10 17:30:02

Damn awesome face... I can never beat him. :C