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CF2 Update

Posted by EON - February 19th, 2010

So all the main elements of the game are finished, which means it's beta time! I've sent out a copy of the game to a few friends and trustees to give it a play through and make suggestions and comments, and report bugs. I've been getting a lot of feedback so I'll have quite a few things to do before it's done, but these changes aren't that huge so I'm getting through them quite quickly. As ever you can follow progress on the DP forum.

I also want to take this opportunity to remind people that CF2 will be exclusive to Armor Games for 4 weeks after its release, and also Dissolute Productions. After that period it will be available everywhere forever. Sorry, but it's part of the sponsorship deal. Of course I'll make a post here, on DP and anywhere else I can think of as soon as it's out. And again, if you want an idea of when this might be, keep checking the progress log.

Comments (20)

Cant wait :)


Wait only 4 weeks? Why? Are you getting it made as a game on consoles or something?

so how are the people who helped gettin credited?

through the co-authoring or just mentioning of the name?


Well its no newgrounds rumble, so I can wait the four weeks

Looking good, EON, I'm impressed. And also it's probably one of the greatest project you had done. Although I don't go to ArmorGames often, but I'll be around in Newgrounds waiting for the game to come out. I'll still play the game in both Dissolute (Official & clean version, without the Newgrounds preloader in the way) and Newgrounds (For the medals of course), but as usual, take your time to perfect the game. ;) Who knows you could win a "Best Flash Game of the Year" award.

Good luck, I'll be ready to play it when you release it, probably around April. Just a guess.

Finally!! I'e waited so long for this...

So it will only be on newgrounds for 4 weeks or only on armour games for 4 weeks?

..armor games for 4 weeks. after that it'll be available everywhere.

yeah yeah just hurry up

So, according to the checklist, just a little more debugging to go, then the game will be released?


If I give my e-mail will you send me a beta? I was sooo obsessed with the last one. And am definatly anticapting the next one.

I'm gonna be playing CF1 up until the release so I can brush up on my old tactics

please eon! i cant wait any longer! im begging you to speed up! PLEASE!! (theres another game ive been watching called super smash flash 2 and the next demo will be in 2-3 weeks!)

Will u hav some of the old characters on CF2?


o dear dissolute web site has a 500 error? hmmm SUPICUSE I WOUND WHATS GOING ON rofl

hhaaaaaawwww!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED YES! YES! YES! OMG FINALLY YES!

could you ummmm send me a link in private message you can trust me i will tell any glitch i see eon *crosses heart*

ok cool


so? chaos faction 2 arent gonna have the main characters like gorilli mechalo slimy cause i see another monkey i think you replaced gorilli with the monkey i cant wait to play though