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A promise.

Posted by EON - January 2nd, 2010

Firstly, and most importantly, a belated merry Christmas and a happy new year. As I hope you have gathered, it's because of these two that CF2 wasn't out when I said it would be. In fact for the last 2 weeks I've been totally tied up with family business and festivities, and YOU LOT should have been too, rather than pestering me.

Anyway, I'm faced with a bit of a dilemma. Do I just release a buggy incomplete version of CF2 now just so people have something to play, or do I wait until it's really finished so I can release the final product in all its glory? After discussing it with some friends I think I've decided on the latter. I know people are getting incredibly frustrated, but ultimately I think it's worth taking a bit of abuse to create a masterpiece.

So here's the promise. Rather than giving estimates for the release date, from now until it comes out I shall keep you regularly updated on progress. I've started a new topic on the DP forum here, and I'll try to post every day with what I've been doing and what's left to do. That way you can get a better idea of when it will be finished, and you can also give input or ask questions too.

I can only continue to apologise about the delays, but bare in mind no one wants this game finished more than me, so however frustrated you are, just remember I'm feeling ten times more so.

So, if you're still waiting for the release of CF2, THIS is the space to watch.

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final product
seriously easy question.

thank you :)

cant wait for the FINAL PRODUCT to come out. take your time, otherwise it just wouldnt be as epic-ly awesome

I agree. Has to be the final product. I don't know why people think you owe them something haha. Anyway, I'm looking forward to this one.

Weapon Suggestions could relate to the characters being fought, so it could be useful to know what they are exactly.

Otherwise I figure you already have everything I could possibly think of :P

Always, always, always go for the finished.

The biggest shame in many industries is products that could have been so much better but got rushed out or something.

If anybody is honestly going to go "JUST RELEASE THE UNFINISHED CRAP NOW", they're probably going to be the same dumbass who goes "THIS IS UNFINISHED CRAP OMG HATE".

Best of luck with the project, seems promising.

exactly :] and thanks, seems I've made the right decision.

dude, final product!

What else?

Final product, hands down.

Look at Gothic 3, it was supposed to be awesome but because it was released so early it was a big disappointment because of all the bugs. So don't be like them and make a good game without that many bugs (a few are fine, of course).

Final product,
Don't give a shit about the other people who want something to play.
They'll be the first to betray you anyways.

The true fans want something to experience.
We believe that you will rock NG with CF2.
And we shall flame the impatient bastards.

Good luck!

I don't understand how people can't be patient for something that's worth the time spent into making it... It's just pathetic with the assanine idiocrity... -.-

Anyway, I hope you've had the same, and I don't really go to DP that much unless it's to play something, but i'll look into your log on it. Keep up the work, and NEVER, NEVER quit! Ignore the morons that can't feed their tendency problem until then.

You could release a beta- But delete it after 5 weeks. Then wait for the offical release.

I think this is the best thing to do. Glad to hear you're not going to release a half-finished one - good luck.

Some authors can release the beta even if it's buggy, we can help you to report them. But anyway, it's up to you, overall, do continue to update with us. Why not use Twitter? In that way, we can check on the progress with you a lot faster rather than waiting for you for weeks or months for a news update. ;)

So far, if I were you, I rather use Twitter (For those who aren't Dissolute or Newground members) to update in order to keep in touch with us, look around, amigo, especially your Dissolute website, there are trolls & EON impostors everywhere in your shoutbox already! That's why, it's best to use Twitter.

Lastly, good luck! Hopefully you have fun on finalizing your project rather than feeling frustrated about it. ;)

I think just posting in the thread I mentioned will be fine. I did consider using Twitter but I think it's better to keep everything on DP, we have a perfectly good system after all.

Possibly my favourite game that you've made is Seven Deadly Sins (at least until CF2 comes out, of course). Any chance of a game like that in the future? Maybe a sequel? Have you thought about your next project after CF2?

You don't have to apologize people are people. I urge you to take your time man.

Do you know the exact release date ?

no! read the post I just made!

i apologize to the peeps who i annoyed im just excited srry

Yeah im sorry im just really excited for CF2!!!11!!!:)

since u first got the idea of the sequel till now i was never pissed ( swear) i dont care how long it takes i just dont want a laggy game that has laggy players in it and bugs. so i hope u take as much time as u need. i can wait. :)

yeah but honestly ive waited like 3 years for this game. Anticipation is a powerful weapon and that means you have to go out with a BOOM when it is finally released
so please don't release a cruddy buggy version it will just dumb down the power making it old news. so no rush, seriously release it when your done It will get
100 times better ratings. good luck and thank you for making it amazing games
: )

No offence

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