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If you've seen my alias written as -EON-, it's still me. Due to changes in formatting I've had to shed my beloved hyphens.

George Eade @EON

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Brighton, UK

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I really can't wait for this. Hopefully you guys will release like a clip every day or two so we don't have to wait ten days.

Also, I wish that we could get a chance to respond as amateurs to the advice given to us. That would be nice...

Sounds interesting, figure I'll check it out. Also, nice to hear about the job. Good goin'.

how do you do to win
Chaos Faction 2

Can I send you a character for Chaos Faction 3?

If theres gonna be Chaos Faction 3,could there be much more characters?Chaos Faction 2 is great,very much fun but there isn't very much characters. :(
I would like to see some Asian themed characters.

Does that mean you had no time left now to produce amazing songs like Universe City? We the people of Newgrounds miss those.

I would like to have repeaters in the third chaos faction and in the chaos faction 2 that came gorilli, mechalo and vortigon

are you still making Games?

Dear EON!
I'm making a non-Flash game with LOTS of smooth tehno music (ten tracks). Could I use some of your songs? Of course I'll give you credit, both in the main menu and in the credits after beating the game. I want to use "Speed of Sound".
I hope your answer will be favorable for me.

You should make a game like your Seven Deadly Sins but you get a Unlimited time limit and you can go into free Roaming Mode when you beat the game so that way you can get to a Unlimited ammount of Strength and so on, and you can even find some "Special"hidden passage ways to newer Places with much stronger people! Like a RPG game or something. That'd rule!

Dear EON,
please make a Chaos Faction 3. It would be very appreciated. I love the series. One was great by itself but then you added two and I was like alright, but it left me hungry for more. It you read this please make a new one. Thank you for everything. Have a nice day

EON please make chaos faction 3 if you don't mind. if you are in a trouble or don't know which characters you want then I will help you message me and I will help you have a happy and safe new year

where have you been

Dear EON,

Why is your website not working? The one with .com just leads to Chaos Faction 2 on Armor Games. The one with .tk thing won't let me in. Please make these up and running for the public again.

I loved your game "Chaos Faction 2" and I would like to know if you keep making games, and what happened to you? and why did not you do Chaos Faction 3? Where can I get your games? YOU ARE DEAD?! :(

wow amazing boy :3

Hey, it's been a while, I sent you a PM about using Popcorn, but I realized how long it's been since you have probably been online, so I ask, how's it going? How's Life going, good I hope =D I wish all is good Eon, glad days to ya! =D
(Yes this is in 2018, lol)
Sinserly, Dante(Or, Samus here)

Please make Chaos Faction 3!

Can you i'll be able to upload the rest of soundtracks from chaos faction 1?(Like from Pirate ship or Aztec ruin)

Update: Eon is fine. He isn't dead, he just isn't on newgrounds anymore. I did some digging and found that he's currently working at climax studios. No, chaos faction 3 won't come out, because he is working in a different company. And considering how Dissoluteproductions.com website is down, so all the members that worked on the franchise are working on something else. Go to https://uk.linkedin.com/in/george-eade for further details about him. Not only that, but he is active on Facebook as George Eade, where he is a lot more active. So if you want Chaos faction 1 music or just thank him for making the game, you can contact him directly there. Just don't be a dick and spam him with "wHeN iS cHaOs fAcTiOn 3 !?"

P.S. No I'm not one of the guys who worked on the game, I'm just a big fan who found the info needed.

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