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If you've seen my alias written as -EON-, it's still me. Due to changes in formatting I've had to shed my beloved hyphens.

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just dont forget to credit us voice actors ;)


I was planning on voting 5. I guess I was wrong. :(


Thanks, your AWESOME!!!


You just made my day!

you should've made a deal with NG instead of AG ;)

anyway, looking forward to the game, when it OFFICIALLY releases. On NG. :3


Is Gorilli and All the other guys from CF1 in this?

Some are.

OMG. Yay!

lol exclusive on AG...

Wow one month exclusivity? how much you wanna bet every programmer on NG would scream foul if Tom made such dick move demands such as that.

whats even funnier when it is finally released. AG expects it to be frontpaged regardless of the fact that they never do that for us with our sponsored games.

That Dan. such a great guy...


I don't find it particularly fun. the final hit from the 3 hit combo has you sliding across the screen and usually to your doom. Also Since everyone is just a carbon copy of one another it can get confusing very quickly. I liked the stage traps though.

hey, at least the landing and jumping particle effects were nice ;)

MindChamber, that's not fair at all. Exclusivity periods are not that uncommon for sponsored games, especially when the sponsor has so much invested in the game. Dan has been incredibly helpful and supportive through the development process and has also invested a lot financially, so it's perfectly reasonable to expect some exclusivity. Plus this way we can work on bugs while the game is exclusive to AG so that when it does go public, the game will be much smoother for everyone. Oh, and we have integrated the NG medals API so that when it does go public NG users will have a unique experience.

Also AG has front paged many NG sponsored games. What's more, the NG games they have bought licenses for they have allowed to keep the NG logo and links back to the site, so please don't accuse Armor Games of being unfair.

this sucks Armor Games web site is messed up i cant play the game!!! WTF

It's a good game but there's just something not quite right with the controls just like in the first game. They're pretty unresponsive and I often find my self punching the enemies when they're on the other side of me resulting in my impending doom.

OMFG!!!!!!! thank you so much EON EXCUSE MY SWEARING BUT YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO EXCITED!!!!!

i was REALLY excited when i saw this post. then, i played it. physics are so off. i was CONSTANTLY flying or sliding.

Awesome game dude!

I guess I'll try it in a month then!

Watch out for the wild combo complaints. Missing targets so often wears down patience for a lot of gamers. For me, I had to put my eager attention span on hold to learn how to move correctly. This is only what I thought beginning play though.

I loved it, you aren't getting as much love on AG as I thought you would.

But damn that last boss is pissing me off so much
been trying to beat him all day :C

is the ninja still in it

Its been a long wait... BUT IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT!!
I can see that you have put a lot off effort on it;)

Way too much happening on screen, way to hectic; really hard to keep up sometimes. Who knows, maybe I'm just looking for something to nitpick at. Oh, and ArmorGames suck.

Nice work, EON. Despite only fewer characters made to the sequel, I find that one fun. :) I'll be waiting to give you my 5s & full stars. ;) Good job, and the wait pays off.

Cool! I've almost finished the game. I just can't get past Vortigon. I don't like the guys at the beginning of the level. All they do is take away your lives for Vortigon.
But other than that 5 Stars.

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